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D Burgess wrote:
Amongst those of us who think this is worthwhile doing, there
appears to be some consensus. Certainly we have common aims.

May I suggest an incremental approach:

1) Lets decide on a library name e.g. osext or osex  are my

2) Implement a handful of functions that are currently in use by
one or more of us. putenv/setenv/stat would be a fair start.
I personally like Luiz's get/set/put env that is in the posix library.

3) Find someone to own (moderate) the library growth. If Luiz
and/or Diego would like to take on the role? this would be a
good thing.

Initial aims:

a) not fat
b) cross platform (e.g. mac/unix/win)
c) "carefully specifying and documenting a set of useful
interfaces which are commonly available on most platforms, as well as a
simple means of discovering whether the given interface exists" - thanks

Seems like Luiz's posix library would satisfy all my needs, at least for file related and putenv functions. This is a pretty tiny library, so I don't think subsetting is needed. And it appears to be able to run on Win32, Mac OS X and Linux, although I haven't tested it. It needs some docs, unless there are some hiding somewhere I haven't found.

It also only compiles with mingw on Win32, so it needs to be fixed to work with MSDev. I can provide the MSDev 7.1 mods and vcproj files for.

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