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I recently downloaded LuaSQL source to install on Linux (2.6 kernel).

I'm using gcc 3.4 to compile. If I cd to luasql-2.0.1 and type make, I
get the following error:
gameservers@sarek [/gameservers/luasql-2.0.1]# make
make: *** No rule to make target `../compat/src/compat-5.1.c', needed by
`../compat/src/compat-5.1.o'.  Stop.

I've looked and found it needs compat-5.1.c, downloaded compat-5.1r4 and
i'm stumped on what to do now.

I've got compat-5.1.c, compat-5.1.h, and compat-5.1.lua- what do I do
with them to get LuaSQL to make properly?

Hope someone knows the answer to this :x

James Harrison