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I'm currently working on a LUA-Win32 GUI toolkit with native API bindings.

But i do all the stuff on the C-side. I think its maybe a bit faster then just exporting the low level functions and do the rest in lua. And you can have just a single statically linked executable without additionally lua-scrips.

My toolkit is somewhere between an alpha and a beta stage. If you are interested you can have a look at a precompiled interpreter and some sample programs like a small Editor, a picture viewer, a calculator and a very simple FTPClient at my temporary site:

Please let me know what you guys think about it!

Michael Wolf

ps: Please excuse my poor English...

CHU Run-min wrote:
I want to build a GUI Toolkit for Win32.
1)implemented in Lua with simple C support(such as CreateWindow,
DestroyWindow, SetWindowParent, SetWindowText)
2)prototype-based object system
3)abstract layout model(maybe like IUP, but implemented in Lua)
4)full integrated with native controls

It's only an idea.
Thanks for suggestions about the topic.