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On Wednesday 04 January 2006 17:43, CHU Run-min wrote:
> I want to build a GUI Toolkit for Win32.
> 1)implemented in Lua with simple C support(such as CreateWindow,
> DestroyWindow, SetWindowParent, SetWindowText)
> 2)prototype-based object system
> 3)abstract layout model(maybe like IUP, but implemented in Lua)
> 4)full integrated with native controls

I'm afraid #4 directly contradicts all your other requirements --- not only 
will you need to implement a huge interface layer between Lua and the 
horrific Windows API in order to access the native controls, but in order to 
allow the ability to customise those controls from Lua, you'll need to 
implement a *much bigger* and even more horrific interface layer to the GDI, 
as well as lots of call outs/call ins from Lua to Win32 and vice versa!

Your best bet, I'm afraid, is either to ditch requirement #4 and draw the 
stuff yourself (which will still require bindings for GDI), or else to get 
someone else to do all the hard work for you and bind directly to one of the 
VB runtimes or Delphi or something like that.

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