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Lua definately is a 21st century language, and all for global access if anything. :)

But, it's also conservative in the approach to "extensions" as we all know. I had this UTF-8 issue a while back with LuaX, and there wasn't much needed to be changed in the core (if any?) to get me pleased there. Follow the wiki information provided here during the thread, and look for the Selene package (that's what I used, but the details are in the dustbin).

I think many of the people are using Lua, with UTF-8, daily without having major problems, am I right?

-asko kirjoitti 30.12.2005 kello 1.30:

IMO, with globalization, languages that don't support Unicode won't make the cut in the long run.

Too bad - I like Lua.

Dave LeBlanc
Seattle, WA USA