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On 29 Dec 2005, at 11:06, Klaus Ripke wrote:

A few observations, reading this page:

Lack of "\U+1234" style unicode character escapes - it strikes me that the code to isolate such an escape, and then convert it to an 8 bit string would only take a few lines of code. Is there a good theological reason why this isn't supported?

Inability to use UTF-8 identifiers due to use of isalpha and isalnum - surely it would be better to use hardcoded functions for determining if the characters in an identifier are valid? Otherwise there will be potential locale issues anyway. Locales should apply to human languages, not computer languages!

Unicode string comparison and normalisation issues - I might be being forgetful, but I was under the impression C99 added Unicode compliant wide character comparison functions - perhaps these should be used if present?