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The only thing I care right now is the possibility to enter hexadecimal
numbers in my scripts and give them as parameters to C functions.
And to print them of course but Roberto already made the neccessary
changes for that :-)
At this time I need not to use bit operations, so that collisions
with operators do not affect me.
Anyway, in Lua+ distribution I found a module that exports
bit operations as regular functions and I can use it if need to.
I think that for occasional use of bit operations this is the best solution.
Thanks for the note,


Look in the patch:
"Bitwise operators and hexadecimal support"

Todor, that patch has not yet been updated for 5.1. There is at least
one way in which it will fail: it uses '#' for the XOR and
ones-complement operations. '#' is now a built-in operator in Lua.