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On 19-Dec-05, at 1:09 AM, David Morris-Oliveros wrote:

I have a few coroutines running within a stateful world.

I want to be able to guard against dodgy scripts that aren't written properly, so I setup a little protocol that all my coroutined scripts have to follow:

-- begin
function SETUP() ... end
function RUN() ... end
function CLEANUP() ... end
-- end

SETUP & CLEANUP are optional - they'll be called if present. RUN is compulsory, if not present, an assert will fire, and we'll all run off to fix that script. The script is executed with lua_resume to populate _G with these functions, then they are retrieved and called, SETUP & CLEANUP with lua_pcall and RUN with lua_resume (because I want o manually timeslice them).

I want my script system to be able to recover from an error within RUN(). But I have found that if i call error() or lua_error within RUN(), lua_resume with the correct code (LUA_ERRERR), but I can't really do anything else with that lua_State, if I try to lua_pushnumber() it will assert (I have lua asserts turned on).

That's certainly true; the lua_State is unusable. But there is nothing forcing you to call CLEANUP() within that particular lua_State.