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> Later I found out that all my locals has the same name (from
> the debug info point of view, it's working just fine from the
> code side of things).

What version of Lua are you using?

> Like this piece of code:
> [...less than 142 lines of code...]
> Gives me this during a debug hook:
> const/utils:du_tostring():142: locals

Can you send a complete piece that shows the bug?

> most notably it's the ints that isn't 4 bytes.. which is a common
> asumption.  (I've noticed though that they've {the lua authors, great
> work btw} made some effort not to make this asumption, but there is a
> few places were it has failed).

Please tell us where are those places so we can correct them.

Thanks for the report.

-- Roberto