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Dmitriy Iassenev wrote:
> I have the following problem : when coroutine.yield is called from the
> script side in the thread, which is created from the C side using
> lua_newthread, an error
> "attempt to yield across metamethod/C-call boundary"
> occured. If I change to lua_newcthread, all is ok.

This is ok and expected. JIT compiled functions behave like
C functions, i.e. Coco is required for yielding.

> But all is ok only in case when newly created thread is in the lua
> stack, though I use luaL_ref for referencing thread to prevent it to
> be garbage collected and to remove it form the lua stack. This scheme
> works fine for Lua 5.1 alpha, but it doesn work with LuaJIT + Coco.

Well, but what happens? An error or a crash?

* You get the above error: This must be a logic error somewhere.
You are resuming the wrong coroutine or a coroutine not created
with lua_newcthread. You may never notice this with plain Lua.

* A crash when running under Windows XP: Please apply this change:

* Still a crash in a random place: Are you 100% sure you've made a
reference to the coroutine? The incremental garbage collection is
very sensitive to tiny changes and LuaJIT obviously allocates a
few more objects. I suggest you turn on assertions as described in
and then check if you get strange errors. This almost always
means a coroutine reference has been lost.

> What am I doing wrong? Does LuaJIT depends on luaopen_... sequence?

Not really (at least not yet). The sequence you are using is fine
and matches the order in linit.c. I suggest you keep it.