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> On Behalf Of Gavin Wraith
> I have this urge
> to wade in and make corrections. 

I wrote most of the Lua tutorial on the wiki. It's on a wiki *because*
people can change it. Months go by where I don't have time to update it.
I don't expect that people will go in and change it wholesale (unless
it's really bad - but I added a comment page where people can let rip).
I had hoped that more people would contribute and fill in the blanks
(e.g. library usage examples, C API etc). I think in general wikis work

* If you want to correct a typo just go ahead.

* If you want to respond to a statement made write underneath (in
italics to emphasize the change, and adding your name or initials is
polite). In time your change may be factored back into the original

* If you want to make a significant comment, or tangential point, create
a link from the page you wish to comment on, and create your own

I added "Notes on tutorial authoring style" at the bottom of:

These are the rules I tried to follow to keep the tutorial consistent,
but this doesn't extend to the rest of the wiki.