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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
PS. I did not show the mods to lua.c, luac.c and lauxlib.h which were all one line changes for 'main'

There is no need to edit lua.c and lua.c then. Just say something like
this in luaconf.h:

#ifdef lua_c
#define main my_lua_main

#ifdef luac_c
#define main my_luac_main

The Lua modules define these kind of symbols exactly to cater for
customizations in luaconf.h.

Good point I had noticed these defines but did not put two and two together to make five :-) Which means I can remove the LUA_MAIN and LUAC_MAIN from my luaconf.h to be replaced by your suggestion. Maybe a comment about these defines someplace at the end of luaconf.h for us short sighted people, which means their is possibly a comment already someplace :-)