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On 12/3/05, Rici Lake <> wrote:
> As far as I know, lua_replace will not work with the LUA_ENVIRONINDEX
> pseudo-index, [...]
This can be done, as it is in loadlib.c and liolib.c. It requires that the
C function that is doing the lua_replace has its own lua stack (i.e. has
been lua_call()ed). I do not understand why.

> =_G
table: 00323E68

> =debug.getfenv(io.stdout)
table: 003260A8

> =debug.getfenv(
table: 003260A8

> =debug.getfenv(getmetatable(io.stdout).read)
table: 00323E68

> =package
table: 00328A98

> =debug.getfenv(package.loaders[1])
table: 00328A98

> =debug.getfenv(package.loadlib)
table: 00323E68

So we see that the io. functions and package.loaders run in an
environment installed with lua_replace. (However, I dont understand
why the loaders do this).