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See io.tmpfile in Lua 5.1 beta.

Also, take a look at luaconf.h; if you define LUA_USE_POSIX (or LUA_USE_MKSTEMP), it will use mkstemp instead of tmpnam.

On 29-Nov-05, at 6:48 PM, Chris Marrin wrote:

Frederico Rodrigues Abraham wrote:
   well i solved it using tmpname(NULL,NULL)... it considers the
temporary directory of the system.
   when i use tmpnam() on windows on a non-writable root, the filename
generated (\something) is not writable...
   i guess it's an implementation bug

FYI, tmpnam is considered a very bad function to use. If two processes or threads use it at the same time, it can generate a duplicate filename. It is much better to use tmpfile() which returns a FILE* directly, so it can be atomic and avoid duplicate names. It works on both win32 and Linux, and I assume on most other Unices (including Mac OSX). That might be a better function to wrap. It has the added benefit of deleting the file automatically when you close it!

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