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I've finally gotten a few spare moments together, and I've updated
Pluto to work with Lua 5.1 beta. All preexisting test cases work, and
I believe I've addressed all of the subtle conversion issues, but this
is an alpha. Comments, bug reports, and feature requests are
requested. Here's the first few lines of the README.

PLUTO - Heavy duty persistence for Lua

Pluto is a library which allows users to write arbitrarily large portions
of the "Lua universe" into a flat file, and later read them back into the
same or a different Lua universe. Object references are appropriately
handled, such that the file contains everything needed to recreate the
objects in question.

Pluto has the following major features:
* Can persist any Lua function
* Can persist threads
* Works with any Lua chunkreader/chunkwriter
* Support for "invariant" permanent objects, of all datatypes
* Can invoke metafunctions for custom persistence of tables and userdata

The 2.0.alpha1 release, as well as earlier releases, are available at:

Ben Sunshine-Hill