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While it is possible for Lua modules (5.1) to be renamed simply by renaming their carriage file, this is not directly so for C modules. However, there is a mechanism described for being able to use two versions of a same package at once ("require 'v1-mod'" loads "v1" file but calls "luaopen_mod()").

Now, why make it so complicated? Why not just say, that in the absence of "luaopen_myfilename()" function, a "luaopen_init()" (or similar) will be called.

What was the reason behind making module initialization functions carry the module name(space) anyhow? I think there is/was some, was it the static building situation (linking a module statically with the main Lua executable)? Is there any other reason for that behaviour?

With the "defaults to luaopen_init" I think the whole "-" notation could be removed. It sounds potentially hazardous, I won't be able to make a "sdl-mixer" submodule, would I?


(hoping the signal/noise is right on this one...:)