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On 11/26/05, Joshua Jensen <> wrote:
> Chris Marrin wrote:
> > My use of wxLua is problematic because wxLua is different from any
> > other Lua package I am using. It needs to have a wxWidgets App, which
> > needs to be intimately tied to the Lua runtime. The only way I have
> > seen to run a wxLua app is inside a console application that combines
> > this wxApp with an embedded Lua runtime.
> >
> > What solutions have others come up with to deal with this? Has anyone
> > successfully packaged wxLua to work with the 5.1 packaging system?
> LuaPlus allows require "wxLua" and is built on compat-5.1.lua, although
> I'm sure it doesn't conform to every packing convention.
> VeryMinimal.wx.lua looks (almost) like this:
> require "wxLua"
>     frame = wx.wxFrame( wx.wxNull,
>                         -1,
>                         "Minimal Demo",
>                         wx.wxPoint(-1, -1),
>                         wx.wxSize(450, 450),
>                         wx.wxDEFAULT_FRAME_STYLE )
>     frame:Show(wx.TRUE)
> --wx.wxGetBaseApp():MainLoop()  or
> wx.Run()
> It can be grabbed from Subversion:
> svn co svn:// LuaPlus

Ok, thanks, I'll have to check it out and see if we can do the same.

I think it's pretty important that we don't have too many versions of
wxLua since the wrappers are a huge burden to maintain and especially
when you try to mix any updates back in.

    John Labenski