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I have several shared C libraries that I load for usage. By now, I do
this using the loadlib function which disapperead in Lua 5.1(beta).
	Take a look at these messages:

	The first one is the original "package proposal" and the
other two are some modifications.  `loadlib' changed to the `package'
table (section 5.3 of the Lua 5.1 beta manual).

If I
got it right, I have to use the require function to do this. So I set my
LUA_PATHs to the right directory and call reuqire.
	Function `require' uses loadlib internally but there are
some details, as the name of the library initialization function,
that you have to pay attention.

1) Do I have to use require instead of loadlib ?
	It is recommended.

2) If it is so, what further requirements do I have to consider?
	There are some conventions you must follow.  I think section
5.3 of the Lua 5.1 beta manual is the best source.