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It depends what you’re trying to do.


I haven’t actually tried it but would expect it to be like any other scripting language.

If you just want to execute a Lua script using cgi then all the normal rules apply.


1) You need to tell you http server that its ok to execute your cgi.  Look in the docs for your http server on how to do this

2) Rename your .lua file to a .cgi file

3) Add a line at the beginning of the file to indicate what interpreter to use:

    - something like:  #!/usr/bin/lua  <- likely wrong, but you fixup this path

3) Set the rights on the file such that the http server can execute it.


I’m not aware of needing to do anything out of the ordinary for Lua (I could be wrong).





From: [] On Behalf Of Jorge Renato Machin Ibarra
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2005 1:19 PM
Subject: run a lua page (cgilua) in command line




I want to run a lua page (cgilua) in command line in a linux system. Do you know how to do this?



Thanks in advance