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Hi all. I have installed my Debian again, and now I'm recompiling some lua modules.

I don't know much about makefiles and c :(

Well, I compiled and instaled luasocket 2.0 beta3, but when I try to request a "socket.http" it returns me just a boolean true, and I can't use the methods from socket.http.

The script:
s = require("socket")

returns me:

sleep   function: 0x8052be8
source  function: 0x804d3d0
newtry  function: 0x804e508
choose  function: 0x8054f08
connect function: 0x8056bf8
sink    function: 0x8051ea0
__unload        function: 0x805a750
DEBUG   true
VERSION LuaSocket 2.0 (beta3)
_M      table: 0x80572a0
sinkt   table: 0x8050718
skip    function: 0x80564e0
dns     table: 0x8055170
select  function: 0x8053578
BLOCKSIZE       2048
sourcet table: 0x80506f0
tcp     function: 0x8056430
_NAME   socket
try     function: 0x8054ee8
bind    function: 0x8056748
protect function: 0x8054dc8
gettime function: 0x8055328
udp     function: 0x8053540

but when I try request socket.http like that:

http = require("socket.http")

is returned to me a true and I can't do http.get.

What is wrong ?

- Walter