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Hi all,

By request of Luiz, you'll find my offer to host the next Lua workshop
at my company Océ in the Netherlands attached below.



Hi Luiz,

since the workshop discussion was brought up on the list, I'd like to
let you know that in fact the dutch company Oce for which I work would
also like to offer to host the workshop.  Oce is an international
printer/copier manufacturer with its HQ in Venlo in the Netherlands.
The city of Venlo is located in the south-east of the country, close
to the German border.  I'm employed at its R&D department there.  Of
course, city-wise, Venlo is no match for Berlin, but the R&D location
would be excellent to host the workshop.  There is a very nice
conference room with all the AV equipment for presentations right next
to the restaurant where we can organize lunches and breaks.

Venlo is near the international airport of Dusseldorf in Germany.  It
should be possible to arrange a taxi service from there to Oce if a
larger group would make use of it.  Eindhoven airport is the nearest
in Holland itself, but probably only an option for European flights.
Schiphol airport in Amsterdam is about 190km away (by car).  There's
plenty of accommodations like hotels and restaurants nearby (even at a
short walk's distance from the R&D location.)  Venlo is situated in a
quiet part of the country, no traffic problems etc., certainly no
major racing event will be taking place in its streets!  ;-)

Some more information:

Oce's main site:

A nice picture of one of the buildings on the R&D site (the picture
shows only a small part of the site):

Mapquest location of Oce R&D (very long link...)

Google map (rather low res, R&D is the group of rectangular buildings
at the center of the image),6.168051&spn=0.022590,0.047048&t=k&hl=en

I hope you will consider Oce as a serious option for the workshop.  Of
course I would be delighted to meet everyone right next to my office!

All the best,

Wim Couwenberg

e-mail at Oce (which I use most on the list):

(my e-mail will change as of tomorrow to, the
old address should remain valid for some time.)