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Suppose I have a class registered in LUA. Suppose the following definition
of the class (I am using LuaBind for registration)

class CAdd 
	int m_a, m_b;
	CAdd(int a, int b)
		m_a = a;
		m_b = b;
	int Add()
		return m_a + m_b;

Now I make an object (global to that lua state) of this class from a LUA
script and do some operations. Everything works fine. Now suppose I want to
retrieve this object from C code. I get a user data (not light user data!)
type and a void * when I do lua_touserdata(.). Now I want to know whether
this void * will actually be a pointer to the CAdd object (I suppose it
should be)? I try type casting it to CAdd and get rubbish values:-(. 
In addition, is there any way I can do something like lua_getglobal(state,
"a.m_a)? I tried but it returns nil. Is there a way to actually do something
like this?

Thanks in advance.

Zulfiqar Inayat Malik.