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Markus Fritsche wrote:

Oliver Schoenborn wrote:
Have you considered SWIG instead of tolua? SWIG supports nil return. Oliver

ToLua does, too. I didn't saw, that, although I was awaiting a NULL
(following the original sample code for the api), it actually returns
some kind of error object, hence my misunderstanding of toLua in this
case :)

I looked at swig but found nothing precompiled for windows. That's the
point were I dropped out, because I didn't want to install the complete
cygwin or mingw toolchain...
What about It contains swig.exe. A big advantage of swig over tolua is that you could easily support any other of the scripting languages by just adding an appropriate interpreter in your C/C++ code, your .i file doesn't change. Not to mention robustness. Cheers,