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The first thing is: %w ("word" character) is defined by the C standard library, which in turn uses the current locale to decide what a character is. Your locale is probably the "C" locale, in which word characters have no accents. You might be able to get é recognized by changing to the pt-BR locale.

The other things is: if your text editor is storing files in UTF-8, the é might actually be occupying two bytes. In this case, %w won't work regardless of locale, because %w only matches one byte, since Lua strings are essentially byte-vectors. (Or dare I say immutable byte tuples :).

Either way, figuring out what a "word" character is can be quite challenging. The C standard library call on which %w is based in used to find letters which can be "normally parts of an identifier", that is an identifier in a programming language. Human identifiers (that is, names) can be quite a bit more complex. For example, O'Reilly and Dell'omo are pretty common surnames in some places; the ' character would also throw off %w.


On 4-Nov-05, at 7:56 AM, Walter Cruz wrote:

Hi all. I'm using lua package from Debian, (I'm using unstable)

 But there's something strange. That little script:

 x = "Walter é"
 for word in string.gfind(x, "%w+") do


 returns :
 Walter é
 1       Walter

The accented char is losted. I have downloaded lua 5.1 beta and compiled it, but the behaviour is the same.

 I don't know what is causing that :(

 - Walter