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Quoting Jens Alfke <>: 
> On 31 Oct '05, at 3:00 PM, Javier Guerra wrote: 
> > it was one of my early goals to do a DAV server. that davhandler is   
> > the 
> > result.  it's far from complete, but it works for some cases. 
> Could you describe (roughly) what works, what doesn't work, what's   
> missing? 
i haven't reviewed the code for some time...  it's supposed to support 
different data and properties backends, but i have only a filebased data 
backend and a filebased properties.  haven't write yet a DB backend.  i have 
tested it with linux davfs, KDE kio-dav, MacOS davfs, and davExplorer.  
handles some live properties and any dead one. 
my main stumbling block is how to dissociate dead and live properties, so that 
different backends could manage each; i feel that's crucial to begin support 
of DeltaV. 
> Depending on how things go with my project, I might be willing to   
> roll up my sleeves and help complete the implementation (as I did   
> with the PHP server.) 
i'd totally love some help!... or at least some cheers to get involved again 
at that part of the project. 
have you glanced at the code?  i'm not sure if luaForge lets you see the CVS 
repository.... there's my new work on WebThreads, hopefully it'll be in the 
next 'release' of Xavante.