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 i experienced strange behaviour with lua 5.1 alpha using count hooks
and line hooks together. Sometimes i didn't get the line hook

Actually we never thought that someone could use both hooks together...

Yes, it is not quite common. But i am trying (succesfully so far) make preemptive multithreading using coroutines and yielding in count hook after given time. Plus I am writing debugger which uses line hooks. Turning the debugger off is mostly about not registering line hooks (call & return as well) so it is comfortable for me to have both hooks.

Removing this return fixed my problem. But is it safe to do?

It seems to be (although some tests would improve my confidence).

After some tests it looks functional. At least i didn't spot any side effect. Can you fix it in future releases, please?

-- Roberto

Thanks for your time,
Jan Kratochvil