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Hello Klaus

you wrote to the lua mailing list a while back:
> hi
> in luasql-2.0.0, ls_oci8.c, free_column_buffers() has a line 251
> reading "case SQLT_NUM: /* NUM is an array of char */"
> resulting in a free on the char *s of union column_value.
> Well, since SQLT_NUM is *not* an array of char in this
> implementation (and this file uses the union's double
> value in a couple of other places for SQLT_NUM),
> this crashes occasionally on cursor close.
> This case must be moved a line up next to case SQLT_FLT,
> which does not free zilch, then everything's fine.
> salud
> Klaus

Since I have been spectacularly unsuccessful in downloading OCI from
oracle, I was wondering if you could perhaps send me a fixed oci8.dll?
The LuaForge still has the broken one.