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> On Behalf Of Ben Sunshine-Hill
> With respect to LuaBind and tolua++, I strongly encourage the latter
> over the former. LuaBind is a heroic effort to overcome the limits of
> C++ metaprogramming; but this has made it fragile and difficult to

This is interesting feedback. I've just started to tinker with LuaBind.
Have you used Boost.Python at all? Anyone else? If so, how do your
experiences of LuaBind and Boost.Python compare?

WRT MS tools, you can actually _use_ template metaprogramming libraries
now that MSVC 7.1 has decent C++ compliance and gives feedback on
template errors. It was an exercise in time wasting and frustration for
MSVC6 due to having to use STLport and lack of error feedback.

> ToLua++ does not try to do things as "elegantly", and because

I've found toLua++ reliable but the Lua script parsing side of it could
be easier to read and modify (legacy from toLua).

I'd be very interested to hear feedback from Lua SWIG users.