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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
> > When would we expect the next Lua 5.1 tarball?
> 5.1 beta by the end of the month, 5.1 final by the end of the year.
> (But no promises...)

Ok, I guess this means I better flush my internal list of issues
with 5.1-alpha (it really helps to send out wakeup calls). Only
minor things this time:

- lmathlib.c: Maybe math_min, math_max should use the
  luai_numlt() macros?

- ltablib.c: table.insert(t) (no 2nd arg) doesn't throw an error
  and does something quite unexpected.

- lopcodes.h: The description for FORLOOP/FORPREP/TFORLOOP
  does not match the VM implementation (shadow control variable).

- packaging: IMHO files in source packages should only ever
  have 644 or 755 permissions. Please chmod 644 doc/lua.1 doc/luac.1

And of course everything from:
(not that minor)

Ceterum censeo #1: package.path (the Lua module path) should not
include the directories where only platform dependent C modules
should ever be stored.

Ceterum censeo #2: I'd still like to have hex numbers. And
maybe bitfield functions, too. See: