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 Hello again.

 Continuing with the process of resurrecting my old code now I am updating
my C/C++ modules. It turns out that I just realized that I designed these to
work with a "specially" patched lua (memory is weak after 5 years). I don't
want to start any flame wars, but this patched lua had table indexes
counting from... errr... you guessed it: zero.

 I recall that I spent back then a non trivial amount of time navigating
through the lua code to make the necessary changes. I don't want to do the
same again now for 5.1 --I really don't have the time. So may I ask, has
somebody already done this for 5.x? I am trying to avoid modifying my
modules since those implement vector and tensor objects and their associated
operations, and it's an index nightmare (that being the main reason for the
former lua patch, which at that time seemed the right thing to do).

 I'll keep my fingers crossed. ;oP Cheers.

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