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Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:
But there is not an equivalent lua_rawsetfield(). Is there something I
have overlooked, or is this just an oversight?

Neither one nor the other. There is no "lua_rawsetfield", but this
is not an oversight. Some people may need lua_geti (no raw version);
others may need a lua_getfieldl where the key is given as a string
with explicit length (and of course some will need a lua_rawgetfieldl
too). There are endless variations. Lua provides a few variations
for the cases we feel are more common.

But the decision was made to provide the particular variant of lua_setfield(), which is extremely useful. And since the "raw" variants add a useful (and sometimes critical) optimization of their own, it seems that the equivalent lua_rawsetfield() would have been a good choice.

I guess I'll do a patch :-)

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