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I just released new versions of tolua++ and lua_qt4. These are not the 
ones that support 5.1 yet, I wanted to release early with the new lua_qt 

tolua++ 1.0.7 is available at:


- New command line option: -C, to disable the cleanup of included lua code
(for easier debugging).
- Merged Mildred's patch: embedded lua chunks have better names, code on
package initializer function is nested.
- New hook: parser_hook, allows modifications to the behavior of the main
- Objects can be private (or protected). This doesn't affect the normal
usage (everything is public by default, access labels are ignored), but
it's useful to declare types that don't export any code, but serve as
'support' for other declarations.

I also added a simple example on the wiki on how to implement public, 
protected and private labels for classes:

lua_qt4-0.0.3a is available at:

The main changes for this version are:

- some virtual functions (around 2500) can be implemented from lua
- new licese: MIT (by popular demand :)

Now let's see some commercial lua_qt programs with the most evil and 
restrictive EULAs imaginable. Give'em hell!! ;)