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I stand corrected (thanks Scott and Rafael). It looks like SWIG does
indeed have a new Lua binding.

It looks like it should work with Lua 5.0. It also looks like it has a
couple of nice extensions, like it std::vector, std::string, exception

Mmmm. This is interesting. This means that existing packages that
support SWIG could possibly be exposed to Lua "quite" easily. Writing a
comprehensive binding generator for SWIG is no small feat. Cheers to
author Mark Gossage (email ad given in docs).


P.S. Oh, and I just found this one as well, CPB. Looks like it use .net
CLI introspection to "bridge" Lua and a .net CLR language.

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> On Mon, Oct 17, 2005 at 08:38:39PM -0700, Nick Trout wrote:
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> > SWIG doesn't work with Lua (since 3.2 I think).
> >
> > Nick
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> I have no first-hand experience with SWIG but I do note this entry on
> homepage at
> "2005/10/09  SWIG-1.3.26 has been released. Lua, CLISP and Common Lisp
> with
> UFFI join the list of supported languages."
> So it looks like Lua may be available. (again?)
> scott
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> scott jacobs