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Finally got round to upgrading Doris to version 1.1. Upgraded relevant
libraries to latest versions (see change notes below). Major addition is
Luasocket. This means that you can now create remote Doris sessions and
log onto them. For instance, you can do remote graphical debugging (i.e.
send OpenGL commands, as Lua, from an application to a listening Doris
instance on a network).

Enjoy, Nick

P.S. Any bugs etc, please report them to the SF project:

1.1 - "Remote Doris" support. Lua 5.0.2 & GLUI integration.

  * New Lua version 5.0.2 included (just bug fixes, no new features).
  * GLUT replaced with FreeGLUT (2.40) (see details below).
  * GLUI 2.2 added to Doris project. GLUT is only external dependency
    - Reverted the major GLUI refactoring due to bugs.
    - Thanks to BaconTastesGood for the work, but no time to fix
  * Network listener support added using Luasocket.
    - See the nettalk.lua and netlisten.lua examples for more details.
  * Better error reporting for syntax errors (_TRACEBACK).
  * Vector dot product fixed.
  * LHFs lpack library added to help deal with binary data. See lpack.c.
  * JPEG loading supported added (see notes below).
  * Source code location can be set with DORIS_SOURCE in development
  * GLUI makefile removed from readme as no longer needed.
  * Source lib tars now kept in src/libsrc for ease.
  * Updated tolua++ to version 1.0.6.
  * Added tolua++, luac and bin2c win32 executables to CVS for ease.