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On Thursday 13 October 2005 15:47, Chris Marrin wrote:
> This would work fine for ASCII, and maybe even for Latin1 in some cases.
> But if your string is UTF8, then you will possibly be getting
> intermediate bytes.

Well, yeah; Lua strings are defined to be, er, defined in terms of bytes. This 
would work (or fail to) to exactly the same extent as all the rest of Lua's 

> My Fusion package will have a Javascript String object which will make
> strings look like Unicode sequences and will support character indexing
> as well as things like split, join and substring.

Um. While a reasonable String class would be valuable, I'm not filled with 
confidence with the idea of one based on the Javascript libraries; see the 
archives for my opinions of the Javascript library system in general. 
Although I'll admit that String isn't too bad; it's Array that's really 
unspeakable. But this is a rant for another time.

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