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I'm running into a strange error (probably because of my own lame code). I'm running something in lua_resume(), and there's an error in the script (deliberate), and it comes out of the lua_resume with a LUA_ERRRUN code. I print out the error message ( lua_tostring( L, -1 ) ), then pop the message off the stack.

I then print out the stack contents. lua_gettop() returns 4, so I iterate over the stack, and it asserts on the 3rd element.

It asserts on line 4 of the code below. Now my question is, is it supposed to be L->ci->top or just L->top? Because lua_gettop() is (L->top - L->base), and like 9 below is very similar to this.

Now I don't quite know if what I'm saying makes any sense, or if i'm wrong or the code below is wrong - I don't know enough lua internals to make that call.

BTW, i'm using lua 5.1alpha - downloaded on the 06/10/2005 - just last week.

Cheers to all!

1: static TValue *index2adr (lua_State *L, int idx) {
2:   if (idx > 0) {
3:     TValue *o = L->base + (idx - 1);
4:     api_check(L, idx <= L->ci->top - L->base);
5:     if (o >= L->top) return cast(TValue *, &luaO_nilobject);
6:     else return o;
7:   }
8:   else if (idx > LUA_REGISTRYINDEX) {
9:     api_check(L, idx != 0 && -idx <= L->top - L->base);
10:     return L->top + idx;
11:   }

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