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I would like to implement JavaScript over Lua.  This
will be the full ECMA-262 specification with the
ECMA-357 E4X XML entension.  Rather than create a
traditional interpreter I will to use Lua to create a
domain specific language (DSL) if that is possible.

One method is Logix found at 
Is the Logix approach, which runs on Python, necessary
in Lua?  Does Lua's meta-mechanisms make this easier
than the Logix approach?

I am posting this because I do not have enough
experience to do this very quickly on my own.  If
others would like to work on this, please let me know.

Here is my reasoning and motivation:
  -The Lua language engine is very fast and it will
get faster.  A co-worker recently commented, "Ruby is
slow because it is interpreted."  I replied, "No, it
is slow because it has a slow interpreter."
  -Because Lua is fast it is a good candidate to use
as a base for other (existing even) languages.  Lua is
not Object Orientated so there is no awkward object
model to object model translation.
  -JavaScript will always be with us.  The Rhino and
Spidermonkey engines are not fast.  When one needs to
use JavaScript one should have fast JavaScript.
  -Lua can do prototypes.

So, that's it.  My ultimate hope is that a clear way
to create DSLs in Lua will result from this effort. 
If it does then I will move on to implement a DSL for
PHP.  The ultimate goal is that any language with a
slow interpreter can be recreated as a DSL over Lua.



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