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I agree that it is a bug. The same problem occurs with

lua - -e print(arg)  -- "arg1" or
lua - -e print(...)  -- "arg1"

What is your suggested solution?

On 10/12/05, David Given <> wrote:
> I have an interesting problem involving one of my projects on Unix.
> The reasons why are complicated, but my project boils down to needing to run a
> Lua script, passed in on stdin, while giving the script arguments. According
> to the documentation, this should work:
> cat script.lua | lua - -- argument1 argument2 argument3
> However, what actually happens is that script.lua gets executed with arg as
> nil, and then when it terminates, the interpreter tries to load argument1 and
> fails.
> Looking at lua.c, I see that the handle_argv() function only builds the arg
> table *after* it's finished processing all the options. Because - is
> considered an option, any script that gets executed as part of its execution
> doesn't get any arguments...
> On Linux I can work around this by using /dev/stdin as an input filename, and
> for now I'm going to hack my version of lua.c so that this will work on other
> systems, but I reckon this is at least a bug --- definitely a misfeature.
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