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I'm on my next stage of integrating lua into our engine, and have come to a point where it would be wise to ask for advice.

I want each coroutine to have their own individual global table. I know that you can do this by creating a new table, filling it with whatever you want, and doing a lua_setfenv().

Now, when I bind my code into lua, i create all sorts of tables and cfunctions in the global table. I still want these new coroutines to be able access my bound tables and cfunctions.

I think i have 2 or 3 options for doing this:

1) When i create a new coroutine, create a new table, and basically duplicate all the entries that i want to carry into the new env from the globals table, then pass that newly created and filled table as the new env.

2) When I create a new coroutine, create a table, and create an entry called G or GG or whatever, that points to the original globals table, and then change _all_ the scripts to use that instead:

entity = Entities.Create("Blah")


entity = G.Entities.Create("Blah")

3) Dunno if this would work: Create a new coroutine, and a new table to be the new env, and set the original globals as the metatable of this new table. That way, when it goes to use something from the global namespace, ie: entity = Entities.Create("Blah"), "Entities" won't be found in he current globals, triggering lua to search for it in the original globals... Does this even work?

Or how do people usually do it?

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