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Announcing Software Tools for Lua

We are pleased to inform you that we have ported our Performance Profiling, Coverage and Flow Tracing products to support Lua. The products run on the Windows NT/2000/XP (and above) platforms. The products are:

Lua Bug Validator (a flow tracer)
Lua Coverage Validator (a coverage analysis tool) Lua Performance Validator (a performance profiler)

At present the company website does not provide any description of these tools. We will be updating the website in the coming days to include full product descriptions. However if you view the product descriptions for the equivalent Python or Ruby product you will have a very good idea of what the Lua version looks like. You can find these descriptions here:

The tools are present on the beta application page at:
Lua Bug Lua Coverage Lua Performance

We hope you will be pleased by the presence of a commercial software tool company supporting the Lua language.

If this is not an appropriate place to let you know of these new tools please let us know. There are no Lua newsgroups so it is hard to find Lua users, hence we have chosen the rather unusual route of using the mailing list (for Python and Ruby we used the appropriate newsgroup).

Stephen Kellett
Object Media Limited
Computer Consultancy, Software Development
Windows C++, Java, Assembler, Performance Analysis, Troubleshooting