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Diego Nehab wrote:

> In the old style, you would need to declare "done" outside
> of the "repeat" loop in order to be able to read its value
> in the until expression.
> First, this makes it less obvious that "done" is in fact
> only used inside your repeat block. Second, you can't use
> a on-liner anymore.

David Given responded:

> [...] I think it violates the Principle of Least
> Astonishment.  I wouldn't *expect* the 'until' to be in
> the scope of the block inside, because (a) that's not how
> other Algol-ish languages do it, and (b) it's not visually
> part of the block.

Good points, but let me chime in that on the first of the
two or so times when I've felt the need to use repeat...until,
I expected the until expression to be included in the
block's scope, for exactly the reasons that Diego gives