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On 28-Sep-05, at 10:31 PM, Glenn Maynard wrote:

This practice is very clear to me, and seems just as self-documenting as an equivalent goto; I consider this construct obvious enough to not need
a comment.

I guess it depends on how many lines separate the 'do {' from the '} while(0)'. The examples I was thinking of had several pages of intervening code.

The main problem I have with goto is that it's poorly scoped:

Sure. It can also wreak havoc with block structure. I'm by no means a fan. I don't like functions which stretch over eighteen screens, either, but, hey, what can you do? We'd probably disagree about appropriate use of whitespace, as well :)

By the way, not wrapping the last word or two of lines would make your
mails somewhat more, er, self-documenting.  :)

Sorry. Apparently whoever wrote didn't think it was worth putting in a linewrapping preference. I'll try to stop my habit of wrapping manually -- not much I can do about quoted text, though. I checked it on gmane, and I see what you mean.