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A brief history of what i am actually trying to achieve.

I am currently writing a visual studio .net (2003) plugin that will provide
support for debugging a lua script. Basically there is a plugin layer and an
application layer (the one thats executing lua script within a particular VM
instance). In between these layers lies a third layer that the application
uses to register a particular lua_State for debugging. The dll sets up hooks
and opens a pipe for communication between itself and the visual studio
addin. Its working fine but i am getting a few problems, given below.

A hook to LUA_MASKCALL/LUA_MASKRET blocks hook calls to the LUA_MASKLINE
procedure. Can anyone tell me the reason?
How can i determine whether a symbol is local or global (when a user
specifies a variable to be watched in the watch window), and whether its a
lua function, C function or something else?
Is there anyway to add breakpoints to lua_State because otherwise i will
have to handle it manually and that is bound to be more error prone.
I added the source code snippet in lua reference manual (5.0) about
enumerating local variables, but it doesn't work. lua_getstack(...) always
returns 0. The stack level being passed is the top of the stack.

I would be thankful if someone would answer these questions. Any comments
about whether this is the right approach or not are most welcome.

Zulfiqar Inayat Malik.