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hmm.. one thing to note (sorry, haven't followed the discussion..) is that the GLib side should hardly be ported to Lua. Those things are simply platster stickers trying to make C behave like a language it is not. Lua has such stuff built in. :)


Wolfgang Oertl kirjoitti 24.9.2005 kello 21.38:


I read "binding to Gtk's GObject" and thought, I've done that
before.  You might want to look at the lua-gtk2 library which
is available on

It uses automatically generated information about function
parameters; the whole library is about 130k for access to about
4600 functions, 400 structures and 1400 enums.  This is in
contrast to the usual bindings where one stub function is created
per library function leading to several MB of code.

Multiple inheritance (or "interfaces") are supported, too.

Unfortunately this does not make Gtk-2 smaller than it is, so the
net result is still a somewhat large memory footprint.

Wolfgang Oertl