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I'm trying to write a debugger for lua using tcp/ip ,
and it seems that after some work it starts running :)

I have a problem though, I have most of my functions
in coroutines, plus a dispatcher function which is
called each game frame. The problem is that if I put a
breakpoint on a coroutine (the lua program is executed
under LUA_HOOKLINE and LUA_HOOKCALL so that every line
should come to my debug hook) it will never reach it,
and I'm absolutely sure the code it's being executed.

It seems like the LUA_HOOKLINE doesn't "break" once
coroutine.resume is called. I've been looking at my
code but I can't find any reason which could produce
this behaviour. Is it a known issue/limitation or it's
a fault of mine?

I'm using lua 5.0.2.


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