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I'm trying to build lua 5.1 alpha under Windows using Dev-C++ IDE
(which in turn uses a gcc port):

No problem with building lua51.dll.
(liblua51.a was created as a by-product).

No problem with building lua.exe, dynamically linked with lua51.dll,
(liblua51.a was included into the project).

But I fail to build luac.exe. The project consists of luac.c, print.c
and liblua51.a (I want it to be dynamically linked with lua51.dll).
The linker cannot find references to:
 `luaP_opnames', `luaP_opmodes', `luaF_newproto', `luaD_growstack',
 `luaS_newlstr', `luaM_realloc_', `luaM_toobig', `luaM_toobig' and

Any help is appreciated.