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I have uploaded a power patch named "Equality operators that work like arithmetic operators". It allows the comparison of dissimilar lua types. As long as one has a __eq, __lt or __le metamethod (depending on the test being performed), it will call that metamethod. This is unlike today where tests with dissimilar types throws an error.

I did this to allow the creation of userdata objects that are wrappers around primitive types. For instance my system has an SFDouble object. This behaves like a number, but can fire events, etc. To Lua it looks like a userdata. This patch allows you to say:

    local n = SFDouble(5.7)
    if n < 3 then ...

The __lt metamethod I wrote for this will convert both sides to a primitive number, perform the numeric comparison, and return the result.

Please see the notes I put in the power patch for caveats to this approach and a way I believe it could be resolved to better control the behavior of this sort of operation.

Since this is my first Lua patch, also please let me know if I have done anything wrong!

chris marrin                ,""$,          b`    $                             ,,.
                        mP     b'                            , 1$'
        ,.`           ,b`    ,`                              :$$'
     ,|`             mP    ,`                                       ,mm
   ,b"              b"   ,`            ,mm      m$$    ,m         ,`P$$
  m$`             ,b`  .` ,mm        ,'|$P   ,|"1$`  ,b$P       ,`  :$1
 b$`             ,$: :,`` |$$      ,`   $$` ,|` ,$$,,`"$$     .`    :$|
b$|            _m$`,:`    :$1   ,`     ,$Pm|`    `    :$$,..;"'     |$:
P$b,      _;b$$b$1"       |$$ ,`      ,$$"             ``'          $$
 ```"```'"    `"`         `""`        ""`                          ,P`
"As a general rule,don't solve puzzles that open portals to Hell"'