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When i am writing lua script I always have some
code in the beginning of script like this 

-- string 
local fmt = string.format
local sub = string.sub
local sub = string.gsub
-- math
local abs = math.abs
local int = math.floor
local sgn = function(n)   return
(n==0)and(0)or(n>0 and 1 or -1) end
local fix = function(n)   return
math[(n>0)and"floor"or"ceil"](n) end
local mod = function(n,d) return n - d*int(n/d)
local num = function(n)   return ((n==nil)and 0
or n) end
local amid = function(x,a,b) return (a<x)and(x<b)

so that there is less typing and function are
declare as local, much faster.

may be it is easier if we have a #include feature
like in C example

#include "stringmacro.lua"
#include "mathmacro.lua"

yes you can use the loadfile function, example

loadfile "stringmacro.lua"
loadfile "mathmacro.lua"
But you have to declare the function as global
right, local declaration is faster than global.

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