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Nice job.

I was bitten by the Linux glibc bug/miscompile which makes Coco
crash unless COCO_DISABLE (it would be nice if it were mentioned
in the LuaJIT docs), but this replacement coroutine.wrap()
solved all my ills for use with COCO_DISABLE, as I only use
coroutines as generators:

if (jit) then
   local old_coroutine_wrap = coroutine.wrap;
   coroutine.wrap = function(f, ...)
                       return old_coroutine_wrap(f, ...);

My applications see a 0-20% overall speedup with LuaJIT.  That
may not sound like much, but they were designed to really
not spend much time in Lua, so even that much is impressive!
This is without the LuaJIT optimizer modules as of yet, so
a bit more speed can probably still be gotten from my end.

I've experienced no strange problems with my large apps
with LuaJIT since 1.0.3, and I was expecting to see a few, so
it seems quite robust.  Linux/x86.

Adam D. Moss   -