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On 9/8/05, Mildred <> wrote:
> It's here:
> Nothing new ... I just took the existing patch
> Then now you have completition

Did you test out this patch?  I had multiple problems with it.  It
didn't apply cleanly to lua-5.1-alpha because a fflush(stdout) was
added before where the lua_exitline was supposed to go.

Once that was fixed and the defines were set it compiled but the
support wasn't properly enabled.  lua_initline and lua_exitline are
defined to nothing.  I assume lua_initline is supposed to be defined
to myinitline.  I don't see what lua_exitline is supposed to be
defined to.  Once I defined lua_initline (and left lua_exitline
defined to nothing) it seemed to work correctly.

Am I missing something here?

Once the patch is fixed up it seems to work well though.  Thanks.

Zachary P. Landau <>